$5 ALBUM Now available: “FeS2 (Pyrite)” – a spin-off from The Cardiophonic Demos; this album was assembled with 13 of the artist’s favorite tracks (hence the name, “fool’s gold”) “I know that $30 is a high price–especially if you’re new to my music; I wanted to make something easily accessible on an economic scale so the idea kinda happened on its own…”


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FeS2 (Pyrite) contains the following songs & illustrations, 5 of which have been re-visited with extra support tracks:


Debut concept album from Matthew Woolfrey, independent and unsigned singer songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Over 90 musical tracks (including over 60 completed song titles) grouped as an 11 card Tarot reading over the last 10 years of the artist’s life. Each of the 11 sub-folders is named after a person the songs were written about. Some folders contain intimate support files such as lyrics, images, art and an AIM conversation. The “sketch” files serve to illustrate the artist’s writing process and demonstrate how songs evolve. Overall, an intimate portrait of the artist in his personal love life.

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6 Responses to debut

  1. Kenny says:

    Kenny In San Antonio was here. Hopefully will be able to purchase this cd soon…just wanted to let you know I stopped by and tried and will shoot you a private email if successful

  2. Jase aka Jason says:


    I am so happy for you and support you 300% and more 😉

    This is amazing! I can wait for Chase to get home and tour your debut album.

    I seriously would love to help you in the way that I can.

    Just so freakin’ happy for you


    ~ Jase aka Jason

  3. Lucas Casanova says:


    Imagine someone trusts you his most precious treasure, his most intimate poetry, private pictures and personal music. Imagine he opens up to you as a friend you have known for life. This is what The Cardiophonic Demos is about.

    The whole concept behind the album helps you unravel ten years of love, lust (and overcoming the hard times life put us in between those two) of an artist that shares the growing pains of being human and longing for love. Being a gay male are two big pluses since there aren’t many gay songwriters with the guts to be so blunt and open.

    I got caught by Matthew’s confessions and powerfull music years ago by his YouTube videos. Now in his debut album (that is a lot more of a recollection of the audio version of those videos), navigating through all these intrincate labyrinth of images and sounds, I keep discovering a naked heart, a flaming soul and an artist that becomes one with his piano (Billy Joel, Elton John, be afraid, very afraid).

    All his sketches (the album contains also demos from the final songs, which some are so good and compelling that you may think why he choose not to use them as they were) help you comprehend the songwriting process, that in Matt’s case is filled with poetry and a wicked sense of humor accepting life as it is and still fighting for love and wisdom.

    He said many times in the past that “music saved my life” and you can clearly see why when you let yourself into The Cardiophonic Demos realm: music can get you through.

    Open up to the most intimate talk with this talented artist and help him make more wonderful music buying his album. You may not dance to it, but it may want you to start living as passionate and as ready as a red blooded human should be…

    If you want to preview his music, visit his YouTube channel:

  4. Brad Lenzner says:

    I’ve just completed listening to the tracks and viewing the illustrations and personal photos of the entire collection. This is a fantastic presentation of Matthews journey through lessons learned, truths revealed, and scars that needed healing. It’s a fascinating glimpse into Matthews life. I connected with every lyric. Truly brilliant work.

  5. Mary says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!! Congrats on completing this project…I hope it goes soooo great for you! You’re amazing

  6. Cine says:

    Matt, I second Mary’s comment, you ARE amazing, and amazingly talented. I am honored to call you my friend, you are one of my best friends, truly. I’m so happy that you were able to accomplish all this by your birthday. And I’m so happy that you like flank steak and ice cream. Kisses!

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